Jeanette N – Greece

Perfect Day Trip in Sithonia. Although when we started our day the weather made us skeptical about sailing. By the time we reached the boat the skies had cleared and the sun was ready to show us the beautiful colours of the greek blue seas. We were greeted on the boat by our skipper Patrick and his helper Jason. We immediately felt warm and welcomed as Patrick had prepared an out of this world brunch for us. We set sail and headed towards Amouliani island making our first stop at the Blue Lagoon, which is exactly what you see, different shades of blue in crystal clear waters in a small bay off of Vourvourou. After a short swim there we headed towards Amouliani island. Patrick took us to a small beach with beautiful sand- it was organized so there were lounge chairs and umbrellas for those who preferred the shade as well as a place to grab a beer or drink. For those who didn’t wish to dive off the boat and swim to shore there was a choice of taking a dingy to shore or staying on the boat and sunbathing. We then headed back to the port but first we witnessed the most amazing sunset. The whole day was filled with vivid colors of the stunning nature Greece has to offer, from the green trees on the mountains and hills, to the various shades of blue of the waters and sky and the orange and yellow colors of the sun at sunset. It was the perfect end to an amazing day. Of course Patrick and Jason made for great company as well as excellent professionals. They took care of our party and made sure that it would be an experience we wouldn’t forget. Definitely recommend Sail and Dive!