Daily life

You will sleep in a shared cabin with bedding and towels provided. There are kitchen, shower and toilet facilities so we are fully independent on board. A buffet breakfast and a light lunch will be provided as well as drinks and cocktails, if you so wish, in the afternoon & evening! You will be responsible for your evening meal in the local port each night unless we moor in a remote location when we will cook on board.

There will be one dive a day and one rest day, making a total of 6 dives. On some occasions in collaboration with local diving centres we may offer night dives at extra cost. Any non-divers on board can also try diving for the first time, on request.

Before each dive you will be fully briefed and a qualified instructor will lead each dive. We will provide you with tanks, weights and tank refills.

We will either dive in the morning and sail in the afternoon or vice-versa, depending on the weather conditions and our schedule. While sailing we will be happy to teach you how to sail and give you the helm. There will be a daily briefing on the schedule and options for the day that we’ll decide on together.

Sail n Dive in images!

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