Easter Ionian trip postponed to June 23 – 30

The Greek government announced yesterday that it plans to begin the tourist season on May 14th. We still want to give you the opportunity to sail in the beautiful Ionian Sea and see all the beautiful islands and sights, so we will now sail there from June 23 to 30. Any scuba diving we do will be organised through local dive centres and we will do a maximum of 3 dives. Our main activity is to sail. We hope to confirm soon what wonderful boat we will be sailing on! We already have two bookings and can take another 6. Contact us for pricing, questions and booking! See the Greek tourist minister’s announcement yesterday below!

Summer Vlog #2 out!

Step inside part two of our 2020 summer adventure coveing our adventures from leaving Lemnos to Halkidiki. There is a maxim about the latter that all Greeks know, “There’s nothing like Halkidiki.” Are they right? See for yourself and get to know what we got up to including excellent drone footage at the end! Click here.

Our Corona Virus Policy

We are monitoring the situation and doing our due diligence and the latest updates are available on our blog.

We understand that for those traveling from outside Greece, the uncertainty of whether you should travel or not next summer is a factor and that you may be reluctant to book your sailing holiday. For this reason, we are accepting bookings for our trips now, but you only have to pay a deposit 2 weeks before the trip date. If you have to cancel your trip because of another lockdown, cancelled flight or other proven Covid-19 related reason, you will be able to postpone your booking to Summer 2022.

We are committed to your health and safety and will be following all Corona related safety procedures set out by the experts in terms of hygiene standards and protocol and kindly ask that you do the same. More information can be found here: https://www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019/travel-advice

Even before the COVID-19 outbreak, our boats are always thoroughly cleaned between each and every trip including:

All surfaces in the galley and cabins are cleaned and sanitised. Cupboards and fridges and sinks/oven/stove are also cleaned and sanitised.

All WCs, toilets, sink and shower are all sanitised and disinfected

General interior surfaces all cleaned and sanitised and all food items removed between charters.

For divers, since you will be bringing your own equipment, you will be responsible for cleaning it with special attention given to your regulator, while still respecting the environment. We will be filling tanks at diving centres that are also following the protocols. More info on  COVID-19 and Diving from DAN here: https://www.dansa.org/blog/2020/03/30/disinfection-of-scuba-equipment-and-covid-19

Once we have taken all these precautions, it is difficult to imagine a safer place than a private yacht in these Corona times.

Aren’t you longing to get back out there too?

I’m sitting at my desk, got good coffee, plenty of space, employment – although a little trimmed down right now, a recently upgraded PC, my naughty cat Freddie for company, feeling fit – thanks to regular exercise. I’m grateful. Grateful for all these things, counting my blessings, each one. I feel I should, to maintain a healthy mental perspective, one that will keep me and my loved ones sustained while we hunker down in what feels like WWII bomb shelter style.

Now that my company is working from home, I recently updated my email programme’s background photo with the one attached to this post, to fill the gap when there’s no mail on screen. For the uninitiated, the photo is from our first Sail n Dive trip last August. We had moored in this bay on a small exclusive island off Skiathos where we stopped to relax and film. The next day we filmed a dive right by the small island in the centre and then came back to enjoy a fabulous chicken lunch and laze in the sun. What beautiful memories of calm, fun, friendship, sense of achievement, pranking around trying to do synchronised swimming (see the video on the home page) and of course, delicious cocktails.

Boy do I get lost in this photo! How many times a day I can’t tell you. Given how unreachable this all is now, with Covid-19 cases increasing (even a steady and not accelerating increase is considered a success at the moment) you would think that this photo is the equivalent of rubbing salt in the wound. It doesn’t feel like that though. It’s too good, too real to me, the memories too fresh, too believable that it will shortly be mine again, that we will set sail again in the summer.

Being based in Greece, we are fortunate that Covid-19 cases are much lower proportionally than the rest of the continent. So, at some point in the summer, at least, we in Greece could be able to sail again. International travel will probably lag behind the lifting of internal movement restrictions. If you’re reading this beyond Greece, we will save it for you. Patience is almost always rewarded.

In the last week I have found myself on board, sailing the Aegean twice, in my dreams. I can’t wait to get back out there with you, but wait, patiently with me, will you? One thing is sure, when we get back on board, we’re going to make the most of every single moment we get to explore above and below the sea.

What about those of you who share the same longing? What is your story? I’ll stop writing right here, so you can start!

Ionian Trip Cancelled due to Greek Sailing Prohibition

Our planned Easter sailing trip around the Ionian Islands has been cancelled due to a Greek wide maritime ruling prohibiting all sailing for the month of April. We are disappointed not to be able to run this trip, but we know that you will agree that caution is wisdom during this unprecedented global health crisis.

Let’s stay at home as much as possible, limit our contact with others and stay healthy so that we can get out there as soon as possible and enjoy the beauties of the sea, above and below. We will be writing some blog articles to entertain you. Please keep watching this space for news about future trips.

Ionian sailing trip still on!

In the light of the Coronavirus we are still planning to go ahead with all of our trips, including the Easter trip around the Ionian Islands. We will be in little contact with others if necessary, be exposed to clean fresh air and have a great time together! Read more in this post on our Facebook page. Of course, if conditions change we will let you know here and on our Facebook page.