About us

We are committed to you

We have made wonderful memories on SailnDive that will last a lifetime and we want you to as well. While diving, we follow strict safety standards and carry oxygen and a full medical kit on board. We also work closely with local diving centres to get access to the best sites and full briefs. We use only fully-licensed, modern sailing yachts, constantly monitor the weather and do not risk your safety in rough conditions. 

We will take time to get to know you well before you even come aboard so that you have a complete understanding of what to expect and know what is expected of you. We appreciate that your holiday time is precious and we really want you to have the best possible time on board. 

Our staff have lived in Greece for decades, speak Greek fluently and know the culture and the locals well. We will be on call the whole day to assist you whether you’re on or off the yacht, spend time relaxing with you and take you to the best tavernas too!

SailnDive started when two friends shared the dream of scuba diving from a sailing yacht one day, while running English language exams. Their excitement at having found a willing, kindred spirit kicked the dynamic South African/British team into action and that’s how they are now in a place to sail you around their adopted homeland!

An experienced Scuba Instructor and guide, Merryn has been diving and running diving centres in the Sporades area since she landed in Greece. She has hand-picked the best spots to show you and will guide you with an emphasis on safety and respect for the underwater world. She might even make you a cocktail at sundown after a hard day’s diving and sailing.

Patrick is a skipper and has been sailing for 20 years. He is an advanced diver, avid sportsman and musician with a fascination for ancient Greece and Greek mythology! So be warned, you will find out about the historical and mythological events of the region you will sail through! Like Merryn, Patrick enjoys conversations about almost anything, so together with her fabulous cocktails you won’t feel alone on board at all!