Let Greece amaze you

Experience the best of both worlds, above and below the Aegean Sea on a private sailing and diving cruise in Greece. Dive ancient and modern shipwrecks, watch the sunset at sea, and raise the sails with us on our next adventure!

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SailnDive exposes divers and their friends to Greece’s jaw-dropping natural beauty and culture, both under its crystal-clear sea and above it. Living on board a modern sailing yacht makes it possible to dive the best sites around several islands in just one week.

Above the water there’s always a new stretch of sea to explore, a different port every night, another gastronomic experience, and the lively Greek nightlife. You will experience a high-energy adventure and also relax in an ideal setting. Enjoy it all with a partner, family, and friends.

Daily life

You will sleep in a shared cabin with bedding and towels provided. There are kitchen, shower and toilet facilities so we are fully independent on board. A buffet breakfast and a light lunch will be provided as well as drinks and cocktails, if you so wish, in the afternoon & evening! You will be responsible for your evening meal in the local port each night unless we moor in a remote location when we will cook on board.

There will be one dive a day and one rest day, making a total of 6 dives. On some occasions in collaboration with local diving centres we may offer night dives at extra cost. Any non-divers on board can also try diving for the first time, on request.

Before each dive you will be fully briefed and a qualified instructor will lead each dive. We will provide you with tanks, weights and tank refills.

We will either dive in the morning and sail in the afternoon or vice-versa, depending on the weather conditions and our schedule. While sailing we will be happy to teach you how to sail and give you the helm. There will be a daily briefing on the schedule and options for the day that we’ll decide on together.

Sail n Dive in images!

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Who is it for?

SailnDive is tailored for experienced divers, their partners, and their friends. The dive sites are often deep and can be challenging. The requirements to join as a diver are an advanced certification from a recognised agency, good experience, and a full set of equipment, except for tanks and weights which are provided.

For less experienced divers, trips can be tailored depending on availability.

See upcoming trips for more details.

Diving from a yacht!

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About us

We are committed to you

We have made wonderful memories on SailnDive that will last a lifetime and we want you to as well. While diving, we follow strict safety standards and carry oxygen and a full medical kit on board. We also work closely with local diving centres to get access to the best sites and full briefs. We use only fully-licensed, modern sailing yachts, constantly monitor the weather, and do not risk your safety in rough conditions. 

We’ve lived in Greece for decades, speak Greek fluently, and know the culture and the locals well. We will be on call the whole day to assist you whether you’re on or off the yacht, spend time relaxing with you, and take you to the best tavernas too!

Merryn runs the SailnDive trips in the beautiful Sporades Island complex. An experienced Scuba Instructor and guide, Merryn has been diving and running diving centres in the Sporades area since she landed in Greece. She has hand-picked the best spots to show you and will guide you with an emphasis on safety and respect for the underwater world. She is also a qualified guide for the Peristera Shipwreck – an ancient wreck from Greece’s classical era.

She might even make you a cocktail at sundown after a hard day’s diving and sailing.

Taking bookings now for Sporades SailnDive trips on a sleek and modern mono-hull with a professional, local skipper.

Patrick is a skipper and has been sailing for 20 years. He is an advanced diver, avid sportsman and musician with a fascination for ancient Greece and Greek mythology! So be warned, you will find out about the historical and mythological events of the region you will sail through! Patrick enjoys conversations about almost anything, so you won’t feel alone on board at all!

Upcoming trips

Sail n Dive

Join us on a sleek and modern mono-hull with a professional skipper and an experienced dive guide with excellent local knowledge. We’ll be island hopping through the Sporades Islands and scuba diving the top dive sites in the area; including the flagship dive – The Ancient Shipwreck of Peristera dating back to 500 BC.

Sporades Islands: Pelion, Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonissos, and Kyra Panagia. 1 – 8 July 2023

Sporades Islands: Pelion, Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonissos, and Kyra Panagia. 23- 30 August 2023

Tailored group trips can be arranged over other dates, subject to the availability of our staff. Contact us with your preferences and questions anytime.

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The days on the boat with the great Sail n Dive crew were the highlight of my year. Surrounded by the stunning nature of the always green Sporades we enjoyed sailing in perfect wind and weather conditions. I improved my sailing skills a lot and tried to dive for the first time. What an amazing experience – always among friendly and competent instructors, mostly native English speaking people. They arranged everything in a professional and trustworthy way and made sure that we always had what we needed – from best Greek food to free time for some sightseeing on the divers island with the ancient heritage sights. 

Christine R. – Germany

Superb! I had a beautiful, relaxing time enjoying the greatest special spots thanks to our extraordinary guide! Well organized and super safe!

Susie S – Greece

Perfect Day Trip in Sithonia. Although when we started our day the weather made us skeptical about sailing. By the time we reached the boat the skies had cleared and the sun was ready to show us the beautiful colours of the greek blue seas. We were greeted on the boat by our skipper Patrick and his helper Jason. We immediately felt warm and welcomed as Patrick had prepared an out of this world brunch for us. We set sail and headed towards Amouliani island making our first stop at the Blue Lagoon, which is exactly what you see, different shades of blue in crystal clear waters in a small bay off of Vourvourou. After a short swim there we headed towards Amouliani island. Patrick took us to a small beach with beautiful sand- it was organized so there were lounge chairs and umbrellas for those who preferred the shade as well as a place to grab a beer or drink. For those who didn’t wish to dive off the boat and swim to shore there was a choice of taking a dingy to shore or staying on the boat and sunbathing. We then headed back to the port but first we witnessed the most amazing sunset. The whole day was filled with vivid colors of the stunning nature Greece has to offer, from the green trees on the mountains and hills, to the various shades of blue of the waters and sky and the orange and yellow colors of the sun at sunset. It was the perfect end to an amazing day. Of course Patrick and Jason made for great company as well as excellent professionals. They took care of our party and made sure that it would be an experience we wouldn’t forget. Definitely recommend Sail and Dive!

Jeanette N – Greece

I loved my experience on the boat with Patrick and his crew. We came as a group of five, some of whom hardly knew each other. We left feeling more connected to each other, with beautiful shared memories as well as individual memories to carry in our hearts. Everything was well-arranged and Patrick was very kind, communicative and flexible regarding our travel plans and desires. Thank you and hopefully until next year!

Friederike P – Germany

We had the most amazing week with SailnDive Greece, Stopping every day at beautiful beaches and islands and enjoying the sailing, dolphins and views along the way. Patrick and the crew were wonderful fun and got us involved as much as we wanted. A highlight was stopping with Merryn Wainwright to dive the ancient wreck off Alonnysis. I highly recommend these guys for your next holiday!

Alison J – South Africa

Great hosts, Merryn and Patrick. Sailing tuition, guided dives, lovely fellow crew members. Just the best of times in gorgeous places.

Nigel B – U.K

Price and inquiries

Please contact us if you would like to book with us or make inquiries at sailndivegreece@gmail.com. Prices vary depending on the season, services and yacht quality. We have a variety of boats available depending on your comfort, needs and budget.